Reading Honest 9mm Handgun Reviews

Buying any kind of a firearm is not an easy decision to make, thus, it is best to at least have an idea first by reading some honest 9mm handgun reviews before buying the gun.

Reading some reviews before making a decision will give you a better perspective in choosing the right handgun based on your needs, personality, and other personal preference. But as a buyer, you should also be able to determine which review is fair and only provide information that is as truthful as possible.

Browning Hi-Power

Browning To those experienced gun users, Browning Hi-Power handgun is probably one of the most prominent of all pistols over the past decades. This pistol has been used by different law enforcement agencies in more than 50 countries.

John Browning, a manufacturer of the firearm, designed this firearm in 1935. Browning did the initial design ,then finished by Dieudonné Saive.  This firearm was widely used during the second World War and even until today.

Glock 17

Probably one of the most popular pistols ever designed is the Glock, which is designed by an Austrian engineer Gaston Glock. Clock engineered the initial design not out of metal, but with synthetic polymers. The Glock?s design was indeed innovative making it not vulnerable to corrosion.

Ever since Glock pistols have been produced commercially, it has become one of the most preferred pistols for law-enforcement units all over the world.

Berreta 92

The Berretta 92 is another popular pistol that one can often see in sites that feature 9mm handgun reviews. This semi-automatic pistol is manufactured and designed by an Italian company Berreta that has several variations.

The first issues of this firearm were released in 1970s and were used by US Armed Forces up until today. Just like the Glock firearms, the Berreta is also well-known firearms used by law enforcement units of different countries including the United States.